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In a bit of financial trouble, so I decided to open up commissions! For the first time in a long time, you'll be able to request your favorite characters---or even your O.C.'s in my style! Check out my pricing guide below and request a commission today!

Send all payments via paypal to:

It's finally time for my first art book! Follow the instructions on the image here to purchase a book and also receive a FREE sticker and photo print!

**When sending payment, be sure to provide your shipping address in a note.**

Order yours today!
I decided to try my luck and enter this month's creative challenge over on the LAIKA/House Facebook page! This month they had a self portrait challenge, so I entered my 3D "Even More Dignified" drawing. If you'd like to toss me a vote, click the link below and simply LIKE the picture! That's it! Oh and today is the last day to vote!…
Hiatus OVER! It's been a nice break from DA, but I'm back! Some new buttons and other bits added to the gallery---and I've still got a LOT of art to post. It's been a busy busy year ;)
Well DA it's been a fun couple of years, but I really think we should start seeing other people. While certainly appreciate all the help you've given me and cherish the times we shared together, I feel a break in our relationship is needed. You can keep the cats.

In all seriousness I'm just taking a bit of a break from DA to focus on the few other sites of mine I've been neglecting. Namely, my Facebook fan-page, my Tumblr, and my Blog. You can find the links to those pages at the bottom of this entry. To follow my regular art updates, as well as information on commissions, contests, prints, and many other events to come, check out those links. Thanks everyone and I hope to see you all when I come back!

That is to say, in the mood for two short films ABOUT zombies and pudding. My friends and I are getting a bunch of old sketches together for Funny or Die. Be sure to vote and tell me how unfunny I am in the comments section!…
The world as we know it has ended. Zombies roam the land searching for living flesh to feed upon. Coop Kaplan, the last reporter on Earth, is determined to get the scoop on these zombies and find out WHY.…
Some Towne residents get together for the annual Pudding Eating Contest. I'm a shoo-in this year!
Over the past month or so I've been busy tending to my new Facebook art page! I tend to update that more so than DA, so check it out!

If you're on the old book of face, why not drop me a like? I would really appreciate it!
Greetings all! Things have been extremely busy on my end and I apologize for dragging my feet with the last few commissions. They will be delivered soon. Same goes for trades.

Also for those of you on Facebook, I've created a fan page for my art, comics, and toys!. (Toys will be available second quarter of 2013) Click the link below and be sure to like the page!…
I know a lot of people have already called out this particular member for thievery, but I figured I would post anyway:

After being on DA for over 2 years, this is my first time dealing with a thief. I've gotta say...I finally feel like a TRUE deviantART member!

Commissions are now officially closed for 2012.

Thanks to everyone who participated! All drawings are in the final stages of completion. You should be receiving a note this weekend with your requested character illustration. I will also post the finished artwork on the original commissions post.
Greetings old friends and new! The season of giving is upon us, and what better gift to receive than a customized illustration by me!

I am accepting an UNLIMITED number of commissions from now until December the 14th. $10 will get you a personalized black and white illustrated character of your choosing. EXAMPLE:…

These will be single character illustrations. If you would like multiple characters, just buy more! There are unlimited slots!
If you are interested, please send me a note with a detailed description and or images of the character you desire. I will provide you with a link to my paypal upon confirmation. Remember, commissions will be open for the next TWO WEEKS. Tell your friends!

Please do not ask for pornographic or offensive illustrations.

(p) = payed, * = sketched, = done

1.  :iconrezzerdude: - Rezzer Commission #1 by Baron-Von-Jello

2. :iconyark-wark: - Ezskar Commission #2 by Baron-Von-Jello

3. :iconeligecos: - Keel Commission #3 by Baron-Von-Jello

4. :iconweremagnus: - Magnus Commission #4 by Baron-Von-Jello

5. :iconc3rmen: - Nero *

6. :iconotterbutt: - Nini *

7. :iconmekki: - Mekster Commission #5 by Baron-Von-Jello

8. :iconfoxlover91: - Rachael *
                          - Sasha *

9. :iconjunkborgs: - Gannon
...2 months worth of my art is coming.

Yea so I've been incredibly neglectful of deviantART for the past few months. Stay tuned for a big art dump spanning from the beginning of October to the end of November.
I've entered a character design challenge over at the LAIKA/House facebook and I need everyone's help! Check out the link below and vote for my character by liking the picture! DO EET NOOOOOOW!…

Thanks everyone!!
I'll be live streaming tonight! Check the link:

8:00 P.M. Eastern Standard Time.
Well hello! I just noticed I gained a lot new followers over the past few weeks and I just wanted to say HELLO TO EVERYONE :D!

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So I finally caved and made a Tumblr account yesterday. Follow me and I'll follow you! Yay!
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